Rewards Program

We are pleased to announce the continued support for our loyalty rewards program. Launched in January 2020 qualifying* product purchases and treatments automatically attract reward points which can be exchanged for rewards vouchers and redeemed against any future purchase or treatment. Rewards vouchers are worth 5% cash back on future purchases

Every pound spent on purchases and treatments attracts a point. The points are held on your account with us and are shown on your receipts and invoices. If you ever want to know your points balance then just ask.

Once you have 100 points it is automatically transferred into a £5 e-voucher which is also held on your account with us and shown on your receipts and invoices. These vouchers accumulate until you want to spend them and then you redeem them against any future purchase of your choice, including promotions, packages and deals!

£1 = 1 Point

100 Points = £5 e-voucher

Thats an amazing 5% cash back on everything to spend on anything!

Ask us now what your balance is!

*Please note purchases from our online store are already discounted by 5% from the RRP so do not attract loyalty points.


As part of our enhanced loyalty club we are planning to introduce a variety of extra services and features including:

  • Regular Payment Plans
  • Subscription Packages
  • Buy now Pay Later Finance Plans
  • Online Shop
  • Resource Blog & Vlog Site